Guide Dog walking with social distancing

Guide Dog walking with social distancing

Just to keep you updated on what is going on whilst in lockdown, we had a silly idea to take Fordy my guide dog for his first visit to the seaside on Friday.  This involved getting up at 4am to get ready to leave as soon as possible with our flasks filled, sandwiches made and dog food and water at the ready.  We headed off to Bude and arrived at 5.15 am before anyone else was on the beach to make sure we socially distanced as there was no one around for at least a mile or so.

Fordy ran round like a lunatic as it was his first visit to the beach and watching and listening to him running through the surf reminded me of the introduction to Black Beauty, we also found that the water was extremely cold as we went for a plodge and then sat on the beach and ate our sandwiches and fed Fordy. Before going for a walk round Bude Centre before returning home at 9.00 am as the beach was starting to get busy.

On our return hone Fordy did not move from his bed for the rest of the day and I am sure like us e is looking forward to the next visit to the beach.

Richard and Fordy at Bude