Our Strategic Priorities

Ensuring that our services are developed and managed to provide good quality support for clients, outcomes for key funders and are sustainable for the future

Our Strategic Priorities 2022 - 2025


As we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic and respond to the on-going economic crisis, we have identified seven Strategic Priorities that will take us up to, and include, our Centenary in 2025.

It is imperative that we have a clear vision for sight loss services in Devon, this means including people with sight loss in our decision making, consolidating our service offer, having plans for income generation and build capacity, and driving forward change to make Devon a better place for people affected by sight loss to live and work.



Priority 1

We will develop a Clear Vision for Sight Loss in Devon to make Devon ‘a Sight Loss Friendly County’.

We will identify gaps in service provision for people affected by sight loss in Devon and pilot initiatives that will make life easier for more of the population living with sight loss.

Devon in Sight is keen to develop information resources and/or services which tackle digital exclusion, accessible information, accessible transport, support for younger people transitioning into adult services, employment, and carers.

We will look at ways that we can raise awareness of sight loss with the public and service providers to make their services more accessible for everyone.

Priority 2

People in the Lead.

We will continue to promote a culture of listening and participation at all levels of the charity by encouraging participation from our stakeholders. We will encourage people affected by sight loss to take a more active role in service development by encouraging them to become Voting Members, participate in our Devon Sight Loss Forum and Client Satisfaction Surveys.

We will actively take issues raised by people living with sight loss to decision makers to make services better.

We will celebrate outstanding customer service given to people who are blind or partially sighted by encouraging our clients to nominate individuals and organisations for our Community Champion Awards.

Priority 3

We will consolidate our Sight Loss Service so that it has the most impact for people who are blind or partially sighted.

Our revised Sight Loss Service will focus on the four key areas of Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG), Independent Living, Health & Wellbeing, and Influencing Change (Making the world a better place for people with sight loss).

Priority 4

Funding our existing services will remain a key priority.

Our ability to sustain our services will depend largely on being able to secure significant multi-year funding in a highly competitive environment.

We will continue with our broad fundraising strategy developing Trusts and Grants, Business & Corporate fundraising, and Community Fundraising.

We will ensure that our reserves are used wisely to support the charity’s operations and development.

Priority 5

We will develop a Vision for Volunteering within the charity to help build capacity.

Volunteers support our organisation on many levels including Patronage, Trustees, Head Office functions, the Devon Sight Loss Forum, and Community Fundraising.

We will review our Vision for Volunteering in light of the changes to our Service Delivery Model and update our Volunteering Strategy before embarking on a recruitment campaign to give more opportunities for volunteering.

Priority 6

We will contribute to the development of policy and best practice at a local, regional, and national level through effective partnerships with other sight loss charities, healthcare providers and commissioners.

Although our priority is local service delivery, we can achieve wider impact by helping to shape policy and practice at a local, regional, and national level.

We will continue to develop formal strategic partnerships with key Statutory and Voluntary Sector partners strengthening referral pathways and partnership working to achieve this.

We will continue to take an active role in the Devon & Torbay Vision Impairment Network, the South West Associations Network (SWAN) and Visionary (The national umbrella organisation for Sight Loss Charities).

We will work closely with One Devon (the new Integrated Care System for Devon). This sees the three local authorities, NHS Devon Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), NHS trusts, general practice, community services, mental health services, and the voluntary and community sector working together to improve the health of all residents, better support for people living with multiple and long-term conditions, prevent illness, tackle variation in care and deliver joined up services while getting maximum impact for every pound spent.

We will lead on the development of a ‘Devon Sight Loss Guide’ in partnership with our stakeholders for NHS England.

Priority 7

We will optimise the potential of our Centenary in 2025.

Devon in Sight was established in 1925 and has a long and proud history of serving people who are blind and partially sighted. 2025 marks our Centenary. We will ensure that we use the build up to this milestone as an effective tool to build effective partnerships, develop sponsorship opportunities, recruit patrons, and raise awareness of our charity to the general public.

We will review progress against our Four-Year Strategic Plan annually.


Dr Adrian Jacobs

Chair of Trustees

Passed by the Board of Trustees

21 October 2022