Sight Loss Advisers

Our Sight Loss Advisers will be able to help you with Lighting and Magnification, provide ‘Skills for Seeing’ training and demonstrate a selection of Daily Living Equipment.

Our Sight Loss Adviser will be able to help you with:

Information on your Eye Condition

During this informal private consultation you and your family have the opportunity to express your concerns about your eye condition. We can then signpost you to the relevant partner organisations for further support if needed.

Assistive Technology Solutions

Tablets and Smart Phone - Help with any issues with:

  • Mobile phones - IPhone / Android
  • Tablets - Apple / Android
  • Watching TV on your Tablet

Smart Speakers - Help with setting up and using:

  • Amazon Echo and Google Home

Video Conferencing - Help with setting up and using:

  • Facetime - Apple to Apple
  • Skype - Android - over the internet
  • Whats App - over the internet
  • Messenger - over the internet
  • Zoom Meetings - over the internet
  • Microsoft Teams - over the internet

Demonstrating Daily Living Equipment

Our Sight Loss Adviser is able to demonstrate at our Head Office by appointment only, a more comprehensive selection of equipment including Assistive Technology Solutions such as Tablets, Smart Phones and Smart Speakers  and computer software.

Lighting and Magnification Assessment

Task lighting directs light where it is needed most for detailed activities. Even with good general light levels in a room, the amount of light available may not be adequate for close up tasks. During your appointment we will show you how to make the best use of lighting and the correct way to use magnification.

We can only supply certain pieces of equipment such as magnifiers after a consultation.  This is to ensure that the product we supply is the right item for your current condition. We can also make you aware of the latest Low Vision Aids and innovations.

Magnification solutions come in a variety of forms to suit your needs. Before buying a magnifier you need to know what magnification strength you require and what the reading task is. We work with you to ensure that you have the best magnifier for the task you wish to perform.

Skills for Seeing

If you experience central vision loss we can teach you new skills to make better use of your remaining peripheral vision. Practising these skills can help you with daily activities like reading, watching television, hobbies, personal care and getting out and about.

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