Skills for Seeing

Devon in Sight offers appointments for ‘Skills for Seeing’ at our Community Sight Loss Hubs across most of Devon.

This training can help people with central vision loss make the most of their remaining peripheral vision.

We have trained staff and volunteers who can help you learn about:

  • How Lighting can help you
  • How to use Magnification properly
  • Eccentric Viewing to help with recognising faces and reading
  • Steady Eye Technique to improve reading speed

Practising these skills can help you with daily activities like reading, watching television, hobbies, personal care and getting out and about.

People often say that they feel more confident and have more control over their lives after this training.

Appointments are available FREE of charge, but we would welcome a donation to help us to continue providing this service in the future.

Eighty year old Ray arranged an appointment with Devon in Sight and was taught to use a magnifier alongside the Steady Eye Technique as part of our ‘Skills for Seeing’ training.

Sitting down with our volunteer and a copy of the TV Times he was delighted to be able to read the television listing for the first time in years.

Ray said, “I achieve more with my sight in the short time I spent with Devon in Sight than the preceding 13 years. It’s been a godsend.”

For more information or to book a free appointment with our ‘Skills for Seeing’ Volunteers please contact Devon in Sight: 01392 876 666

Skills for Seeing sessions are provided in partnership with...

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