Les Mazurek

Les Mazurek

Name: Les Mazurek

The final diagnosis for my sight loss condition was for retinitis pigmentosa made when I was at the age of eleven and explained my lack of detail sight from early childhood. RP is similar to macular conditions in that it takes away your sight over a long period of time.

My Experience:

I relocated to Exeter from London in 1990 having worked for the NHS non medical and began work for Exeter city council in the much praised department o tourism and leisure which I worked for some nine years until retired on grounds of failing eyesight.

After retirement there was a period of adjustment to my new situation after which I became involved with a major housing provider DCHA which over time became Live West attending various committees and groups over a 12 year period dealing with issues effecting housing in the local area and cornwall.

My sight loss condition put me into contact with various groups and charities in the local area which included Devon Insight, over time I came to appreciate the aims and goals of the charity which includes making the region a sight loss friendly county, this long term goal to improve conditions and quality of life for those suffering from sight loss along with improvements in services effecting those effected by sight loss would be of substantial benefit to so many people both young and of any age.

The focus of the focus of the charity is driven forward by a dedicated group of people dedicated throughout the charity from the top to the staff at point of contact with sight loss sufferers.

The forum can be a worthy consultation group to contribute to the values aims and goals of the Devon Insight group.