National Eye Health Week 2022 (NEHW)

National Eye Health Week 2022 (NEHW)

This year’s National Eye Health Week (NEHW) will take place from 19 to 25 September 2022, promoting the importance of good eye health and the need for regular eye tests for all.

Make an annual appointment with your Optician a regular part of your life.

Beth is a young woman who works in a Primary School and has lived with diabetes for many years.
Beth confesses, “I have not taken the best control of my diabetes and have made choices and did things to live life in that moment. I didn’t like to listen to the doctors or anyone about what that could mean in the long run.”

Beth didn’t act when she first noticed problems with her vision. She woke up one morning and had no sight in one eye at all, she went to the Moorfields Hospital A&E immediately. She was told that she had a detached retina that it was also “funnelled” and that there was really nothing they could do to improve the sight in that eye. They would concentrate on saving the sight in the other eye. Beth had an operation to remove scaring and some extra blood vessels in her good eye which was successful, but unfortunately she experienced some oozing and had a layer of blood in the eye. She had a second operation to remove this and now she has been able to go back to work.

Beth has a message for everyone “You have no idea how valuable your eyesight is until you don’t have it any more or how inaccessible the world is when you can’t see and you lose you independence.

Take a leaf out of my book, don’t make my mistakes and go and get your eyes checked. If I had gone to my Optician when I had first felt something was wrong, I may have saved my sight”.

Please share Beth’s story with your family and friends. Around 50% of sight loss can be prevented if caught by your Optician early enough.

Make an annual appointment with your Optician a regular part of your life.

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