Ian Johnston from the Devon and Somerset Fire Services

Ian Johnston from the Devon and Somerset Fire Services

We would like to thank Ian Johnston from the Devon and Somerset Fire Services for taking the time to join us as Speaker for our latest weekly Devon in Sight Telephone Speaker Event.
Ian discussed what the Home Safety Check involves, this includes

  • Checking smoke alarms are set up correctly
  • Making a fire escape plan
  • Using electricity safety
  • Cooking safely
  • Keeping children safe

Ian talked about would happen as part of this service, that they would like to visit you in your home, at a convenient time, to see what they can do together with you to make you safer. Ian reassured listeners that all visits are non-judgmental about your home circumstances and that they are there to provide advice, assistance, equipment and support.
The visits last between 30 and 45 minutes where the technician will walk through each room with you identifying and discussing any further support where needed, including fitting specialist fire safety equipment where required.
During the Covid-19 restrictions they are still providing a Home Safety Check service but are focusing on those people who are at at a higher risk, e.g

  • If you do not have a working smoke alarm
  • If you are unable to check if your smoke alarm is working
  • If you cannot hear your smoke alarm
  • If you have hearing loss and cannot hear your smoke alarms when they take out your hearing aids at night.

These visits are conducted by a qualified home safety technician who will be wearing the appropriate level of PPE and adhering to social distancing guidelines.
Ian asked that anyone who would benefit from the Home Safety Check contact us at Devon in Sight as partnership agency to make the referral direct to their services.

For more information or to ask for a referral to be made for the Home Safety Check please contact us at Devon in Sight on: 01392 876 666 and speak to one of our team who would be happy to assist.

Devon and Somerset Home Safety Check video

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