Devon in Sight Supports Wiltshire Sight re-launch

Devon in Sight Supports Wiltshire Sight re-launch

Devon in Sight were pleased to support the team at Wiltshire Sight at a recent event to re-launch their services for people with sight loss across Wiltshire.

The event, which took place at their centre in Devizes, was attended by about 50 people from health, social care and voluntary sector with representatives from Public Health, Wiltshire Council, the Fire Service, the Local Authority Sensory Team and the Macular Society among others.

As a core part of their new community-based service, Wiltshire Sight will be using the Sight Loss MOT assessment tool which has been developed by Devon in Sight.

Julian Garner is the Business Development Manager for Devon in Sight and gave a presentation on the evidence base behind the Sight Loss MOT. “The eight steps in the Sight Loss MOT are based on national research and best practice, and provide a comprehensive review of the issues people may be experiencing because of their sight loss. This will form the basis of an action plan for the individual, staff from Wiltshire Sight, or one of the many referral partners with the aim of improving people’s independence and wellbeing.”

Devon in Sight has had really positive results from using the Sight Loss MOT with people in Devon and Torbay, with some remarkable stories of people being supported to achieve real change and improvements in their lives, despite the many practical and emotional challenges they face.

Cathy Duffy is the Senior Community Support Worker for Devon in Sight and also spoke at the event. “An important part of the Sight Loss MOT process is taking time to listen to people’s experiences of living with sight loss, and many people tell us that it is the first time they have really been able to talk about the traumatic impact that sight loss has had on their lives. These conversations are often the start of a journey to making really positive steps forward.”

“The Sight Loss MOT opened the way forward to a world of possibilities”

Devon in Sight will continue to work with Wiltshire Sight as they roll out the Sight Loss MOT, along with a number of other sight loss charities across the UK who are now using it within their services.

If you would like to find out more about the Sight Loss MOT contact Julian Garner on