Online Today

Technology can make life easier when you have sight or hearing problems, but knowing where to start isn’t always easy.

Devon in Sight has teamed up with The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) and Action for Blind People to offer free online skills sessions.

We know that technology can make life easier if you have hearing or sight problems, but knowing where to start isn’t always easy.

Online Today is a new Big Lottery funded project led by the RNIB and delivered in partnership, to help people with sensory loss across the UK to access the internet.

Online Today is for you if you have little or no experience of being online, if your skills need updating, or if you have recently acquired sight loss and need to learn new ways to get and stay online.

During 2016 we will be holding a number of workshops at the Resource Centre in Topsham to explain how the internet can benifit you.

Each training session will include:

Why should I get online?

  • Digital by default
  • Cheaper holidays
  • Keeping in touch with family

How can I can I get online?

  • Trying out e-readers, i-pads, i-phones (demonstrating accessibility functions)
  • What are Apps and how to use them: skype; facetime; whatsapp; bemyeyes; facebook; etc. (tailored to the needs of people attending)
  • Connecting to wifi; using local libraries; getting connected at home.

How to stay safe online

  • Security software
  • Beware of scams and phishing
  • In app purchases.

About the Trainer

The sessions will be delivered by Darren Walker, Assistive Technology Coordinator for Action for Blind People. Darren is registered as severely sight impaired and has been an assistive technology user for most of his adult life.

How to Book

For further information contact our Resource Centre on 01392 876 666