Save Safely!

Think fire safety when saving money this winter

With energy prices rising, the fire service knows this winter will be difficult for many people. Here are some tips to help you and your loved ones stay fire safe when saving money.

  1. Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms save lives.
    Do you (or someone you care for) have working smoke alarms on every level of your home? Do you have working carbon monoxide alarms in every room with fuel-burning appliances? Fuel-burning appliances include boilers, cookers, open fires, wood burners.
    If you don’t but can’t do this yourself and need help, call 0800 05 02 999.
  2. Are your heaters safe?
    Sometimes it can save money to use a portable heater to heat a small area. Before you use yours, check the heater and the cables carefully. If there is any damage to wiring, or anything doesn’t look quite right, get a qualified person to look at it, or dispose of it safely. If you’re buying a new heater, we recommend choosing an oil-filled radiator heater as they are the safest type.Heaters can be a serious fire hazard, they should always be placed (at least one metre) away from curtains, bedding and upholstery and switched off and unplugged before you go out or go to bed. Never dry washing on heaters.
    There are many products advertised as cost-effective heating methods to keep warm. We want to tell you about the potential fire risks of mini heaters and some important safety advice if you or your client is using them.

    Illegal and dangerous plug-in mini heaters (pictured) have recently come onto online marketplaces. Some of these models are using counterfeit fuses that could cause a fire risk. Please be extremely careful when buying any electrical item over the internet. We recommend not to buy them.

    Safety Tips

    • Be aware of counterfeit and poor-quality products online.
    • Always buy products with a British Standard and CE Mark.
    • Do not put bags or shopping near heaters.
    • Be mindful of which socket you plug heaters into (not too close to soft furnishings).
    • Position them high up (away from pets and children).
    • Do not leave unattended and always switch off at night.

    Did you know about our Devon and Somerset home fire safety visit service?

    They offer free home fire safety visits to help make everyone safer.

  3. Use candles very carefully
    Take extreme care with candles. They are not suitable for heating.
    Candles should only be used when you are in the same room. Always place them in a heat-proof holder, and keep them well away from shelves, curtains, furnishings and books.
    The safest way to use candles is to buy battery-powered versions. Most importantly they have almost no fire risk at all, plus they’ll last longer and are better for the environment because you can replace the battery (recycle or recharge it) and continue to reuse the candle.
  4. Book in for a free home fire safety visit

A friendly home fire safety adviser can give you fire safety advice. They’ll also provide fire safety equipment (free of charge).

For more help and advice about saving money safely this winter, visit Save Safely