Grahame Flynn meets the Duchess of Cornwall

Grahame Flynn meets the Duchess of Cornwall

Today I was a guest at the WESC Foundation in Exeter and was presented to The Duchess of Cornwall in my capacity of CEO of Devon in Sight.

What a splendid lady she is. We talked about my role with the charity, the impending Royal birth (I reveal nothing!!) and Her Royal Highness’ meeting with the Daleks at the BBC last week. I asked, “Did you enjoy meeting the Daleks?” She replied with a huge smile, “Yes, they were great . I found them scary as a child and they are just as scary in real life!”

Duchess of CornwallThe Duchess met with all the children and staff making everyone feel special!

The new young people’s accommodation on Topsham Road is excellent and built to a very high spec. The kids gave a tour of their new home which gives them the opportunity to live independently but within a hop and a scip of the main campus.

The highlight of the day was meeting one of the young people called Tom. Blind and confined to a wheelchair. I had met him on a previous visit when he gave me a tour of the accommodation block. Full of wit and outrageously funny. I did want to share some of the things he said…but they were so inappropriate!! Good Boy!!

I thought I would thank my hosts personally and ended up in the Board Room with the WESC Management Team to talk about old television shows and what we would put in Room 101. A great way to unwind!

Congratulations Tracey and team.