Georgia’s Story

Georgia’s Story

Georgia, is eleven years old and has been visually impaired since she was born. She is a bright, bubbly, pretty young lady who goes to mainstream school and has embraced technology with ease despite being severely visually impaired. She has been a client of Devon in Sight for several years.

in 2016 Georgia came to see us as she is an avid reader and wanted some more help with reading. We demonstrated our whole range of Magnifiers to her and we found that a mini electronic magnifier seemed especially suitable for small hands and would enable her to read books in bed.

Georgia recently started secondary school and wanted to be able to independently read the time on her watch. This isn’t easy when you can’t read a regular watch with hands. 

She came to visit us again to look at the options available to her. We recommended the Apple Watch with its large digital display. She was delighted with it as it was easy to read the numbers and she looked very cool!

'Sometimes it is the little things that make the biggest difference!'



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