For many years Julian Garner was Devon in Sight’s Business Development Manager holding lead responsibility for the effective development and delivery of several Devon in Sight projects, as well as fundraising from Trusts and Grants.

He co-devised our award-winning needs assessment framework, the Adult Sight Loss MOT. He was instrumental in making Devon in Sight better at evidencing the impact we were making for clients with the introduction of our Charitylog CRM database.

Julian has worked with local partner organisation Moorvision to develop a version of the Sight Loss MOT for Children and Young People, and this was launched at the national Visionary Conference in November 2021.

Julian continues to provide Sight Loss MOT training to charities across the United Kingdom and supports the charity with research and development work on a freelance basis.

Julian lives in Barnstaple, North Devon, where he enjoys windy walks on the local beaches with his wife and spaniel Charlie.