Jason Sculthorpe – Sight Loss Speaker Event

Jason Sculthorpe – Sight Loss Speaker Event

We would like to thank Jason Sculthorpe from RNID for joining us our latest speaker at our Devon in Sight Telephone Speaker Event.

Jason gave a really informative talk about the services provided by RNID, including the impact of hearing loss, the different types of hearing loss and some of the causative factors. He also gave useful tips on managing hearing loss and tinnitus and advice on how to support people with hearing loss.
The big message was the importance of people to getting their hearing checked as soon as they suspect their hearing has deteriorated.

This event was recorded so if you missed today’s talk you are still able to listen to the recording on our website at

Our next Telephone Speaker Event is on 30th March 2021 starting at 10.30 and finishing by 11.30.
Our speaker will be Judy Pride -The Macular Society -south west regional manager.

To join us for this event dial 0330 606 1118 and when prompted enter the room number 473 425.

For more information on our weekly scheduled Telephone Speaker Events please call us on 01392 876 666 or go to our Events Page

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