Anti vax movement uses our charity name!

Anti vax movement uses our charity name!

It has come to our attention that there is an Anti COVID-19 vaccination movement in Devon which is distributing a leaflet entitled ‘Devon Insight’.

We would like to make it clear that Devon in Sight, is in no way associated with this movement and its ‘anti vax’ messaging.

Devon in Sight supports blind and partially sighted people across the county and we have continued to do so through three COVID-19 Lockdowns.

Having lost family and friends to the virus, and seen the affect that the virus has had on health and social care workers, our staff and clients and the community at large we support any steps which help protect our population from the dreadful effects of COVID-19.

We do not want this movement to damage our reputation as a trusted service provider which has been supporting Devon’s blind and partially sighted community since 1925.

Like many charities we have not been able to fundraise for several months which puts our very existence as risk. If you would like to support the valuable work of Devon in Sight please consider becoming a Friend of Devon in Sight with a donation.”

You can make a donation to Devon in Sight through the following link: Donate

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