An afternoon full of activities

An afternoon full of activities

British Blind Sport, WESC and Active Devon are working together to host an afternoon full of activities that anyone with a visual impairment can try. The sessions will be delivered by trained coaches and are open to any one of age with any degree of sight loss. Friends and family members are also encouraged to take part.

The Morning includes:

Training – This is available to coaches, clubs and teachers who have an

interest in gaining more knowledge in working with VI people.

People with a Visual Impairment can provide challenges

as every person will have varying levels of sight. British Blind Sport,

Active Devon and WESC are working together to reduce these

barriers for VI groups by hosting a unique 3hr training workshop.

Morning Training Session

The afternnon Includes Activity Sessions:

Open to anyone with a visual Impairement

Goalball, Swimming, Football, Athletics, Boccia, Judo & Golf

Please see below for more details

 Afternoon Multi Activity Sessions