Chris Tester

In June 2017 Senior Community Support Worker Cathy Duffy received a call from the mother of a man in his late thirties called Chris Tester. Chris had been discharged from hospital four months earlier after totally losing his sight as a result of a violent attack. I have been meeting with them both over the past 9 months.

Recently we talked about their journey since that first call to Devon in Sight and what our involvement had meant to them over the following months.

Chris recalled, “I left hospital and felt like I had been thrown into the wild; out on a limb not knowing what my life would be. It was quite easy to be despairing, you hear about people sitting in the dark – what was I going to do with myself all day?”

Chris’ mother described how “at his lowest ebb he was suicidal and it was so difficult to move forward, we couldn’t have been any lower.

We had no idea where to turn, there was no ‘How to Cope Kit’ and no one turned up with real advice or support. Looking back now I can’t think of anything that was there before Cathy’s involvement, apart from the GP who was fantastic and saw Chris weekly.”

“It has been so reassuring for us to know that there are people who can really help, and have been there in person and not only at the end of a phone or website. For all the things you have done, even the little things made such a difference and every resource accessed was through you. “

Chris Tester’s support needs were highlighted using Devon in Sights award winning Sight Loss MOT.

The MOT enables us identify the services, support and training that will help you to maintain your independence, wellbeing and choice.

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