Beth’s Story

Beth’s Story

In November of 2021 I lost vision in my left eye due to a detached retina and subsequently had an operation on my right eye to prevent it from doing the same thing and completely losing my sight.

I hadn’t initially told anyone about what had happened as I didn’t feel it was necessary as I felt able to continue my life as close to normal as possible.

After the operation, my vision was so limited I had to rely on those around me to just survive. I felt very isolated and alone, those around me were walking a parallel path but they were not in my shoes.

A family member told me about Devon in Sight who very kindly spoke with my parents on the support available to me. Through the charity, I was able to receive 6 sessions of counselling from the wonderful Jan.

Now if I’m completely honest I was not initially to thrilled at the idea because I felt all anyone wanted to was talk about what was happening to me and how I was feeling and coping with life. I found myself telling people I was doing okay and putting a brave face on which ultimately made me more frustrated and angrier at the world.

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My sessions with Jan allowed me to understand I was entitled to feel how I felt and that was okay, and how to face the world again after this change. No Judgement, No Pity.

To have someone listen and not try to justify how I should feel differently. To allow me to work through those emotions in a healthy manor.

I come from an Entertainment and performance background, so with Jan’s we discussed using my skillset in a positive and proactive way. This allowed me a focus and a goal. It allowed me a path to the future and to rediscover the thing I had lost and a hope for my future.

I cannot thank everyone at Devon in Sight enough for their support and guidance through this change in my life. Their support helped not only me but those around me who are affected by the dramatic change in my life. The thing about a Crisis is it opens up opportunity what you chose to do with them is down to you!