Tactile Art Sessions

Everyone can create art!
Art is about expressing yourself and being open to new things, and since it’s personal to you, having a disability shouldn’t get in the way of making your masterpiece.
Clients are given the freedom to paint using a range of tactile materials and are offered guidance if needed.
Tuesday 23 April – animation on a lightbox using cut out shapes and sand.
Tuesday 14 May – needle felting using coloured unspun wool to create an image.
Tuesday 11 June – create a collaged image using different textured paper and tape.
Tuesday 9 July – clay, embossing and printing.
The sessions will take place at Twyford House, Coburg Road, Sidmouth from 1.30 pm to 3.30pm.
Sessions need to be booked in advance by calling The Thelma Hulbert Galley on 01404 45006
A small charge of £3 per session is payable to help cover the cost of materials.
Colin who attended a Tactile Art Session said
" I was expecting to stand by and watch but when I got there and met local artist Barrie Goodfellow I couldn’t help myself. I had always painted using watercolours and had never used acrylics.”
Little did Colin realise that one afternoon would reignite a lost interest and inspire him to start painting again.