Daily Living Equipment

We have identified the top low value items of equipment that will have the most impact for people who are blind or partially sighted in Devon.

We have identified the top low value items of equipment that will have the most impact for people who are blind or partially sighted in Devon.

We can help you source Low Vision Aids and Daily Living Equipment that will have the most impact for people who are blind or partially sighted.

We might be able to help you with some FREE basic equipment through our Equipment Bursary Fund.
If you would like more information please phone us on 01392 876 666.

Further instructions can also be given over the telephone if needed by Devon in Sight staff.

Verbalise Light 6000 portable LED Multi Position Light

Designed to work in two modes, both as a standard flashlight and multi position task lamp.

There is a bright LED beam on the flashlight and the handle can be folded out to reveal the bright LED task lamp. The torch is operated by a soft touch button and has a strong magnet for attaching to metal surfaces.

If it helps we would recommend you looking at a larger task lamp for your home.

Verbalise Light 6000t

Daylight Twist LED table lamp (DH3900

This popular mains-operated Daylight lamp has an easy-twist shade so you can move the light into the perfect position each time. It's lightweight, compact, folds up neatly, and is conveniently portable with its built-in handle.

This white lamp is ideal to light up your bedside table, as a reading lamp or for use anywhere around your home or office.

White Twist Lamp

Liquid Level Indicator

Liquid Level Indicator to help make hot drinks safer.

Please follow the instructions carefully preferably with a friend when you first use it.

Liquid Level Indicator


A sheet of easy to peel and stick, Bumpons.

These are the perfect solution for marking different equipment around the office or home, such as the settings on a washing machine or microwave.

Bumpons are produced in a bright orange colour, measuring 8mm diameter by 2mm deep and are extremely easy to identify.


Devon in Sight Signature Guide

The Devon in Sight Signature Guide helps to keep your writing in a straight line with letters at an even height.


If you are partially sighted, the contrast between the thick black frame and the paper you are writing on will make handwriting easier. It also includes our contact details on the reverse of the card.

Signature Guidet

Smartlite easy-to-see silent analogue alarm clock (CC72)

This unique silent easy-to-see alarm clock automatically illuminates the clock face at night time. Innovative Smartlite® technology enables the clock face to brighten as the surrounding conditions become dark. The darker the room becomes the more prominent the green light gets, enabling you to always see the time.

It also has a large white button located centrally on the top of the clock, which when pressed lights the clock face. The sweep operation means no ticking.

Visulise Clock

Communiclock - Talking Calendar Clock / Radio Controlled (CC53) and large print instruction sheet

The fuss-free, best-selling, RNIB Communiclock updates automatically and announces the time and date in a clear male voice. It's also small, so it won't take up valuable space on your bedside table.

Simplicity itself, press the large black, contrasting button on top of the clock to hear the time, or press and hold to hear the date, month, year and day. This portable talking clock features RNIB’s natural English male voice with adjustable volume. Menu buttons are concealed underneath. Battery-operated but can also be mains-powered (adaptor available separately).


The Sonic 2 USB Memory Stick Player and large print instruction sheet.

This equipment will allow you to play the Devon in Sight Newsletter, many community based Talking Newspapers and Magazines, and RNIB/Calibre Audio Talking Books. If you would like help accessing these services please give us a call.

We have also enclosed a Demonstration USB Memory Stick so you can see how the equipment works. When you have finished with the stick please return it in the Paid for Envelope which is also in the box.

Sonic USB Player

Partially Sighted Badge

This metal pin can to be worn to highlight that the wearer has a visual impairment. It is lightweight for comfortable wearing and in a bright yellow with black font so it is easily visible to other people close by.

VI Badge

Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Lanyard and Visual Impairment ID card

Wearing the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Lanyard discreetly indicates to people around you including staff, colleagues and health professionals that you may need additional support, help or a little more time.

Hidden Disabilities have produced a Sunflower ID card to hang from your lanyard to explain that you are visually impaired and the hope is that people would be more understanding once they were aware that the wearer has limited vision.

Hidden Disability Badge

The Devon Access Wallet and large print instruction sheet

The Devon Access Wallet Scheme is an initiative to help make journeys by bus or train easier for anyone with communication difficulties, people with disabilities, deaf people and those whose first language is not English.

 For more information about the Devon Access Wallet visit: www.devon.gov.uk/travel

Devon Access Wallet

Trading Standards ‘NO COLD CALLERS’ Sticker

The purpose of these stickers is to empower the householder to simply point at the sticker and say ‘no’ to the cold caller.

They do not have any legal standing and a cold caller is not breaking any laws by ignoring the sticker.

No Cold Callers