The National Transformation Award

We were pleased to host a workshop at the The 12th Visionary conference in partnership with Devon children’s sight Loss charity Moorvision to launch our new Children and Young People’s Sight Loss MOT.

Developed by Devon in Sight and Moorvision, and in consultation with local and national experts, the MOT includes sections on the prevalence and causes of vision impairments in children, an explanation of the different professionals providing support, information on early years and educational support, and mental health.

The conference culminated in the Annual Visionary Awards ceremony on Friday 26 November. The awards highlighted the achievements of local charities, shared good practice, and shone a spotlight the talent, expertise, and impact of the local sight loss sector.

Fiona Sandford, Chief Executive Officer of Visionary said, “Visionary members and partners are amazing, and we never hesitate to shout about it, which is why we love to recognise the wonderful work which takes place with our Annual Awards.”

We are pleased to announce that Devon in Sight and Moorvision were awarded the National Transformation Award which recognises the way Visionary members have transformed services to connect with Blind and Partially Sighted People in new and innovative ways.

Grahame Flynn, Devon in Sight’s Chief Executive said, “The Children and Young Person’s Sight Loss MOT was a collaborative piece of work and was very warmly received at national conference. I would like to thank Julian Garner, Laura Hughes and Hannah Bell for their exceptional work and all those partners who cast a friendly, critical eye over our work.

To have our work recognised by our peers with a national award was very humbling. Thank you Visionary!”

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