Frequently Asked Questions by Clients

Here we try to answer some of the questions frequently asked by clients of our Volunteer Visiting Service … 

Are you from the Sensory Team?
No I am from Devon in Sight.

Are you from the RNIB?
No we are an independent Charity but we do work alongside the RNIB.

Where do you come from?
The charity is based at Topsham just outside of Exeter.

Have you come all the way from Topsham today?
No, I work from an office in my home.

What will you do for me?
We have a group of volunteers in this area who visit people with sight loss to support them with some of the tasks that they are finding a little more difficult since losing their sight.

Who do you help?
Anyone affected by sight loss, whether or not they are registered as blind or partially sighted.

How much will this cost me?
The service is free at the present time, but we do ask for a donation if you go out in a volunteer’s car towards the motoring expenses.

How do I pay this donation?
If you wish to make a donation to the charity we ask you to put the donation in an envelope and pass this to the Volunteer. This will then be passed to the coordinator who will issue you with a receipt.

What if I wish to make a regular donation?
For clients who wish to make a regular donation to the charity we do have a donation form and I will be happy to bring this form to be completed at our next meeting.

Who will visit me?
We have a group of volunteers in this area who have all been through an application process. We take references out on our Volunteers and they are also subject to a DBS (criminal record) check.

Will my volunteer be a man or a woman?
Which would you prefer; a man or a woman.

How long will I have to wait for a volunteer?
We do have a waiting list unfortunately and we try to match our volunteers and clients together so that they have a good relationship.

What can I expect from a Volunteer?
What would you like from a Volunteer? There are certain things that we don’t provide because there are other Agencies already providing them but we do offer an extensive service.

What if I don’t like the volunteer or they don’t like me?
When we have a suitable volunteer for you we will call to arrange an introduction meeting. At this meeting we will discuss what you are looking for from a volunteer and whether the volunteer feels they are able to provide this. We will then leave you to get to know one another. The coordinator will contact you both separately after this and everyone is given permission to say No. It is nothing personal just the way life is, and we introduce another volunteer to you. If after the introduction you are both happy to give the relationship a go. The coordinator will leave you to arrange to meet.

What if things go wrong after the introduction?
The coordinator will always leave you their card with their contact details and you can ring them at any time. The coordinator will also call you every two to three months just to check how things are going.

How do I arrange to see them again?
The relationship is flexible and you can arrange with the volunteer when you will meet again and if anything comes up in between times you can always ring the coordinator and they will contact the volunteer.