Here’s a list of some of our most popular products.

VAT exemption
Some products which are specifically designed for people with visual impairments may be exempt from VAT. Please call our Sight Loss Adviser on 01392 876666 for details.


Communiclock CC53

Simplicity itself, RNIB Communiclock sets the time and date automatically straight out of the box using the atomic radio signal so no more having to set the time manually when the clocks change.
Press the contrasting black button on top to hear the time announced in RNIB’s natural male English voice. Menu buttons for alarm and functions are concealed underneath so you can’t accidentally alter settings.

Price: £35.00 ex VAT, £42.00 inc VAT


Liquid Level Indicator DK127

Making a drink has never been easier with our Liquid Level Indicator. Place the unit on the side of a cup and it will let you know when the liquid is near the top through a series of audible beeps and vibrations.

Price: £10.00 ex VAT, £12.00 inc. VAT


Radio controlled talking watch

This radio controlled talking watch announces the time and date in RNIB’s natural male English voice. Every mode function is audible and the time and date set automatically when the radio signal is received, so no more having to set the time manually when the clocks change.

Price: £50.00 ex VAT, £60.00 inc VAT


Talking Kitchen Scales DK152

This is a modern set of talking kitchen scales complete with an easy-to-see jug with bold markings and an easy grip handle. Measure weight or liquids, and hear the result spoken back to you in a clear, male English voice.

Price: £50.00 ex VAT, £60.00 inc VAT


Big Button Phone DH216X

This upgraded corded telephone has a built-in stand that angles the clear easy-to-see buttons towards you. The handsfree option enables you to make and receive calls using the loudspeaker.

Price: £30.00 inc VAT


Easy-to-see mobile phone

This easy to see, simple to use mobile phone has clear, extra-large print keys with a backlit feature. The phone has a simple menu to make navigation simpler, whilst also featuring a loud ringer and speaker phone, SMS function and much more for ease of use.

There is an SOS button on the back of the phone which, when pressed, automatically calls 5 contacts of your choice; notifying your contacts to your emergency.

Price: £30.00 ex VAT, £36.00 inc VAT


Large Print Stationery

We stock a wide range of diaries, address books and telephone books in medium and large print sizes.

Please pop in to see our range.

Price: £10.00 ex VAT, £12.00 inc VAT