Together Drug & Alcohol Service, launches on 1st April

Together Drug & Alcohol Service, launches on 1st April 2018 with the aspiration to support people to build healthy lifestyles, healthy relationships, healthy families and healthy communities. Anyone aged 18 or over can come to Together Drug & Alcohol Services for support.

We are committed to:
• Person-centred support: Our aim is for a service which responds to what is most important to each individual, building on people’s strengths and the things which interestthem.
• No door is the wrong door and every contact counts: We work collaboratively with other organisations, with the aim that people only tell their story once and can get more than one service in one place. We make sure there are many different ways for people to use our service when and where it is needed acrossDevon county and online.
• Collaboration with other organisations: We work closely with other organisations to pool collective local knowledge, skills and resources. We will make a step-change in joining up the different services people use and improving the system.
• A family and community focus: We understand that people make changes where they are, in their families and the communities where they live. We will support people to make these connections.
• Working with rather than for people: Individuals know what will best support them to make changes. It’s important to us that people using our services can help us design and develop new approaches. We will continue to ‘co-produce’ new initiatives, which will strengthen support networks and communities.
• Recognising Trauma: Many people who have difficulties with alcohol and drugs have been affected by experiences of trauma. We will work in a way which recognises this and gives the right support to people.

Drug and Alcohol Leaflet