Friends of Devon in Sight

Over the last few months we have had the pleasure of speaking at events and local group meetings right across Devon and Torbay.

On a number of occasions we have been touched by the fact that people have asked how they can support our service financially.

In response to those requests we have set up a Friends of Devon in Sight where people can make a regular donation from as little as £5 a month.

We provide our services for FREE at the point of delivery, but they still cost a lot of money to run.

By becoming a Friend of Devon in Sight your support will make a real difference in a variety of ways. You can help us to:

Provide information and support
Provide a lighting and magnification consultation
Rent a room for a Talk and Support Group
Provide Skills for Seeing Training for someone with Central Vision Loss and lots more besides.

Regular donations over a period of time are of tremendous benefit to the charity in helping us meet these costs, and enable us to plan for the future.

You could make a regular gift of £5, £10, £20, £50 or more.

To become a Friend of Devon in Sight please complete the Direct Debit form  and return to:

Jennie Benham The Office Manager
Station House, Holman Way, Topsham EX3 0EN
Tel: 01392 878 802