England Vision Strategy

The England Vision Strategy is a cross-sector initiative, uniting all those who want to take action on issues relating to vision. The strategy is a Vision UK initiative.

The Strategy seeks a major transformation in England’s eye health, eye care and sight loss services. The Strategy was developed by a wide-ranging alliance of statutory health and social care bodies, voluntary sector organisations, eye health professionals and service users.

This powerful combination gives the Strategy a credibility that cannot be ignored. The Strategy outcomes and priority actions have been defined by the combined voices of all these groups, and the many individuals who have contributed. A determined and united cross- sector approach will make that change a reality.

The England Vision Strategy sets out a number of strategy outcomes…

  1. Prevention: To improve eye health and prevent sight loss across England within diverse groups and the wider population.
  2. Commissioning: To promote effective commissioning strategies across health and social care supporting an integrated and person-centred pathway.
  3. Services: Adults, children, young people and their families have access to the right services, advice and support when eye health and sight loss problems arise.
  4. Independence: Adults, children and young people can learn, relearn or retain key life skills on a continuing basis as driven by their needs with access to appropriate professional support, aids and adaptations including technology.
  5. Self-determination: To develop and enable face to face and online peer support opportunities and self-help and self-advocacy resources to empower adults, children, young people and their families to achieve their aspirations.
  6. Inclusion: To promote inclusive environments and equality of opportunity to enable blind and partially sighted people to fully participate, contribute and live independently.

At Devon in Sight we are committed to helping achieve the objectives of the England Vision Strategy by providing a range of practical help and advice which improves people’s independence, wellbeing and choice.

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