Low Vision Clinic

The Low Vision Clinic service is provided by Optima Low Vision services. They are run at our Resource Centre in Topsham.

Who are Optima?

Optima Low Vision Services Ltd. is a provider of NHS funded holistic Low Vision Clinics, a leading provider of low vision rehabilitation training and supplier of a comprehensive range of low vision equipment.

What is a Low Vision Assessment?

The assessment includes an explanation of your eye condition(s) and the opportunity to ask questions. We discuss with you any tasks you have difficulty to see to do and look for strategies and techniques to help with the problems you have identified.

What Low Vision Aids can we help with?

We help with advice and demonstration of Task Lighting. Offer a wide range of magnifiers available on long term loan and filters & tints to help with glare.

How can I be referred?

If you are experiencing difficulties to see to do everyday tasks; reading, writing, watching TV, shopping etc., you may benefit from a Low Vision Appointment.

You can be referred by your community optician, optometrist or your GP.

The cost of the appointment is free and Low Vision Aids are available free on long-term loan.