From the start, our aim was help visually-impaired people to lead lives as rich and fulfilling as possible. Originally, the charity was called the Devon County Association for the Welfare of the Blind. Though the word ‘welfare’ was dropped in 1962, the welfare and wellbeing of blind people in Devon remained the goal.

Now and the Future

The first full-time secretarial assistant was appointed by the DCAB in 1972. Now, we have 2 full-time and 6 part-time members of staff, plus 100 volunteers who help with our work. We are entirely dependent on donations and bequests, as we receive no statutory help at all. Fundraising has always been important to the charity and as we go forward with our plans to offer ever better services to Devon’s visually-impaired population, we shall need to continue to put much effort into this activity. We are proud of what the DCAB has achieved over almost a century, and determined to build on those achievements through the next decades!