Taking a leap of faith

It is difficult for those of us with good sight to truly appreciate how difficult it can be for those people with sight problems to take a ‘leap of faith’.

Rural isolation and bad transport links were one of the reasons why we decided to take our services out into the community by creating our Community Sight Loss Hubs.

We now have regular ‘Talk and Support Groups’ in over a dozen locations across the county. Many of you have taken the ‘leap of faith’ to visit these hubs to meet others with sight loss, hear about services available to you in your local communities and receive specialist training. I really would encourage those of you who haven’t attended a Community Sight Loss Hub or been through our award winning ‘Sight Loss MOT to take a ‘leap of faith’.

Talking of ‘leaps of faith’ … would you or any family or friends like to jump out of an aeroplane at 15,000 feet with me to raise funds for Devon in Sight? I really don’t want to do this on my own!